Band ResisTANCE Training

Your complete online course to mastering band resistance training

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who needs a gym - if you can train with resistance bands?

Training with Resistance Bands is like having an entire fitness studio in your
hands, 24/7.

"I’ve crafted and perfected this program over 15 years so you can have the freedom of training whenever and wherever you like! Achieving your fitness goals whether you are a beginner or a pro."

The Beginner & Advanced Training

Training with Resistance bands!
The full Online Course to mastering Band resistance training.

USD 125.-
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Cardio Training

Cardiovascular health and stamina in just 10 Minutes. Being fit was never easier.

USD 59.-
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Pro Training

Taking your Fitness to the next Level and mastering Band resistance Training.

USD 99.-
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All 3 Courses for a special rate.

For only USD 189.- instead of USD 183.-

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why band resistance training?

What makes training with resistance bands easily the most effective and fun training out there? Learn about the benefits here.

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Enjoy the incredible freedom & flexibility this style of training offers you!  

You choose when and where to train: In your living room, balcony, garden, in nature, in a hotel room, whether you travel on business or are on a vacation.

All you need is a set of resistance bands and this Course on your device.

Are you ready?


The cost of this program is a fraction of your gym membership.

And it saves you an enormous amount of time and money: no trips to a fitness studio, shorter work-out time.

Beginner or Pro?

This course will work for you and be a game-changer!

Whether you are just beginning to find the pleasure in being fit, or you are a professional athlete, dancer, yogi or maybe you are a busy mother with small kids and little me-time.


There is something so effortless to working-out with resistance bands and at the same time, you can push yourself to your limits, getting excellent results!

With each work-out you train all the muscles in your body.

You will be able to do more repetitions and see results faster.

Our Clients say it best

"I have been a yoga teacher for many years. It blows my mind, how great and efficient these Rubber Bands are. My body has changed and my fitness levels have increased within just a few weeks! Now I practice my yoga and also train with the Bands which hasopened a whole new dimension to me.”
I simply LOVE this Course! Thanks man!"
Mario Benedetti
Yoga Teacher and Coach
Best Trainier ever, I'm looking forward to every single Training. Its tuff, but simply great! Thank you so much...
Professional (!) Fitness Program like I have not found it anywhere else. Its so motivating, feels personal and is really funny also. The best investment in my health ever...
Domi is a great Coach. He is focused and authentic. Simply love the Program.
Peter Baumann
Dominique is personable, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I have already learned so much about my body and have completed workouts I never thought I could do before. Dominique challenges you but makes it fun. My overall stamina as well as the shape of my body changed fundamentally. I feel better and healthier! I cannot recommend Dominique's Personal Training enough.
Nicolas P.
I was nervous about approaching a personal trainer as I am overweight. I knew the importance of exercise but doing it was another matter. I am 44 years old, not a sportive person, and never really trained before. Dominique actually knows how to get the best out of you and to motivate you. You come every time with a smile on your face. Training can be hard but the results are impressive. I am in better shape, better health, found stability, lost 10 kg and get rid of recurring knee issues. Skiing feels even better now!
Anne F.

Resistance Bands

Through many years of experience and trying many different kinds of resistance bands I found the perfect bands for you:

Conscious Caveman Kit

These medium strength bands are perfect for the beginner and pro programs as the resistance can be alternated just by increasing or decreasing the distance moved away or towards the mounted bands they are super tough.

I have tried many different resistance bands and I can endorse these bands.

With the resistance bands you will receive a door anchor and carabiner for easy mounting. I have put together this kit to make it easier for you.

Buy your Bands

About me

I AM a Conscious Caveman...

... Personal trainer. Nutritionist. Meditation teacher. Father of two teenagers and husband.

Life brought me rich experiences, both in blessings and challenges. But hey, being born South African,
I will – of course – never loose my sense of humour! After my time in South Africa, life led me to Zimbabwe, where I started my first business at age 22.

For the past 20 years I am based in Zurich, Switzerland. I used to own a large gym here. My own evolution, love for freedom and independence led me towards a new life style… I sold the gym and now specialise in band resistance trainings.

I speak English, Afrikaans, German, Swiss German, Italian and currently studying Spanish. 

Apart for my love for working-out I have a great passion for cooking, gardening, making fire, building stuff with my hands out of wood. I love to play my didgeridoo, Djembe drums and Indian flute. I am also into a grounded expression of spirituality such as my meditation and breathwork practice.  

It would be my honour to be your band resistance personal trainer! See you inside the course! 

With love,